Spark and OUTLine develop video shining light on parents of LGBTQIA+ community

For Pride 2019, Spark and partner, OUTLine, a charity that offers a free support line to members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their friends and family, want to remind the nation that when we talk – love wins.

Together with Colenso BBDO, they have created a documentary style video that shines a light on the parents of those in the LGBTQI+ community, reminding them that OUTLine is here to support them as well. 

The video is fronted by Dee and Hunter, a mother and son from Rotorua. In it, Dee relates the journey of having her son transition, bravely leaning into the toughest parts of the process for her personally, and showing off the loving relationship they share now.

Dee and Hunter said that all they want to do is help, to let people know that support is available and to encourage others to talk.

“It was actually a relief to get it out and knowing we may have helped someone else in the process makes it that much more worthwhile,” said Dee. 

OUTLine CEO, Alexander Stevens II said that it’s time to spark the conversation.

“Coming out to friends and whānau about gender or sexual identity can be a challenging and confronting process. And for family and friends, it can be an emotional time as well. Supporting each other is key,” said Stevens. 

The recent Government inquiry into mental health and addiction highlighted evidence that showed rainbow communities have significantly poorer mental health and are at much higher risk of distress, addiction and suicide.  

“OUTLine is standing with Spark to make sure everyone knows how to get the help they need. It’s the right message, at just the right time.” 

Spark Social Media Lead, Frith Wilson-Hughes said that it was a privilege to meet Dee and Hunter and give them the space to tell their story. 

“We’re all in awe of their courage,” said Frith.

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