Susan G. Komen® Begins Year-Long Brand Campaign

Susan G. Komen®, the nation’s leading breast cancer organization, announced the launch of a year-long brand campaign centered on a new organizational tagline – “Where the end of breast cancer begins.TM The effort – which builds on the foundation laid by the organization’s “Unacceptable” campaign launched this past October – represents a significant evolution in Komen’s traditional messaging, striking a bold and resolute tone focused on the sobering realities of the disease and its impact on people across the country.  Through emotional storytelling, the year-long campaign drives home the urgency behind the breast cancer cause, while also showcasing Komen’s unique position as one of the originators of the movement and the only breast cancer-focused organization offering such comprehensive activation through research, community outreach, patient care and public policy advocacy.

To kick-off the campaign, the organization is introducing a new tagline – Where the end of breast cancer begins TM – and is launching the first phase of story-telling, entitled: “Who’s your one?”, centered on the shocking statistic that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime.  That means that nearly everyone has someone in their lives who has been impacted by the disease, and without exception, everyone has someone in their life that they would move mountains to protect from breast cancer’s deadly grip.  As part of this phase, Komen will share stories of love, perseverance and dedication, and will ask its constituents to consider who their “one” is and share their story online at

Then, throughout the year Komen will share the work those on the front lines of the fight against breast cancer are doing every day to save lives, through research, community, care and action through public policy.

“What began as a heartfelt promise between Nancy G. Brinker to her dying sister Susan G. Komen to do whatever she could to end the disease that was taking Suzy’s life, ignited a movement that has become one of the greatest forces behind social and health policy change in our nation’s history,” said Paula Schneider, Susan G. Komen’s CEO.  “From helping to bring the disease out of the shadows to making the most significant impact on breast cancer research, advocacy and community support – we are proud of our founding legacy and are working hard every day to create a future where no one loses someone they love to breast cancer.”    

For more than 35 years, the organization that bears Susan G. Komen’s name has transformed how the world thinks, speaks and treats breast cancer.  That work continues today, as Komen is leading the effort to save lives through a focused effort to cut the current number of breast cancer deaths in half by 2026 – an important milestone on the journey towards a world without breast cancer.  Through strategic investments focused on developing research breakthroughs for the most aggressive and deadly breast cancers, and ensuring all people receive access to the quality care they need, Komen is driving science and mobilizing communities of compassion to save lives now and into the future. 

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