Susan G. Komen® Unveils “Live Pink” Program This October, Ensuring That Proceeds Are Dedicated to Fighting Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, has launched a new program, “Live Pink” this October, helping consumers make smart, informed decisions about how they can ensure that the proceeds from their purchases are making a difference in the fight to save lives from breast cancer.

It is often difficult for consumers to discern if the purchases they are making during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month are actually benefiting a charitable organization dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. Komen’s Live Pink program highlights products and services that help fund breakthrough research and provide critical support for people facing breast cancer today.

“At Susan G. Komen, we are thrilled to have so many corporate partners help us raise funds for the fight against breast cancer in October. By helping us fund breakthrough research and direct patient-centered services, these partnerships will help us save lives,” said Christina Alford, Komen’s senior vice president of development. “We are grateful for the longstanding relationships we have with a number of our corporate partners, and we are thrilled to welcome many new partners that are engaging consumers through exciting new products and services this year, benefiting the fight against breast cancer.”

Two-time breast cancer survivor, Nikia Hammonds-Blakely shares, “I appreciate businesses and organizations who do more than put a pretty pink logo on a package. You often don’t know where those proceeds are going. But, when you see a company is partnering with Susan G. Komen, you know that it is much more than a marketing campaign. Your dollars are invested in programs that save the lives of women like me.”

To help people become savvy consumers, Susan G. Komen recommends asking the following questions before making a purchase they assume benefits the fight against breast cancer:

  1. Who is the program supporting? Is it clear what charity is benefiting from the program? Susan G. Komen requires all of its partners to clearly state that their program benefits Komen. In many cases, they will include Komen’s iconic logo on their packaging.
  2. How will the charity use the donation? It should be clear where the monies go. Will the dollars generated by the program support research, education, patient support or all of the above? We are very specific about our programs and our 360-degree approach to fighting the disease.
  3. How is the program structured? Transparency is key. Is the company clearly stating how the money is raised and how much will be going to charity? For example, if it’s a donation per purchase, ask how much of the purchase price benefits the charity. Is there is a minimum or maximum contribution? Is it a flat donation regardless of sale? We work closely with all of our partners to ensure all program details are transparent to consumers.

Thanks in part to our corporate partners, and the generosity of consumers who support them, Susan G. Komen is able to fund lifesaving research, advocate for compassionate public policy, offer treatment assistance for patients, provide trustworthy breast cancer information, and ensure patients are supported every step of the way. To learn more about Komen’s partners, visit

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