Synchrony Deepens Investment in Diversity and Inclusion

Synchrony have announced its President and CEO, Margaret Keane will be hosting the fourth annual Diversity Symposium for Synchrony employees and it has ranked as a leader on the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index.

Diversity and Inclusion is celebrated beyond the three days at the annual Symposium – it’s an everyday commitment for all Synchrony employees. Diversity Best Practices (DBP) unveiled its second annual Inclusion Index and Synchrony was among 31 organizations recognized as a leader in Diversity and Inclusion by receiving a score of 81% or higher.

The Inclusion Index asked companies to provide data in three areas:

  • Adherence to best practices for fostering diversity and inclusion in recruitment, retention and advancement of people from under-represented groups—women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people.
  • Best practices in creating an inclusive culture through leadership, accountability, communications, and employee engagement.
  • Transparency in willingness to share workforce demographic data.

To further emulate those values, the company held an event in Washington, DC that features business leaders, society leaders, and inspiring speakers. The symposium engages employees from all levels, cultures, departments, and board of directors to break down any internal silos to celebrate each employee’s individuality and fosters collaboration.

Synchrony held its public offering July 2014 and since then has made it a critical mission to make the company a place of inclusion. There are seven diversity networks with 8,000+ employees who are part of at least one of these networks.

“Synchrony empowers employees to be their authentic self. If we can leverage everyone’s individuality – that’s when we all work together better,” said Marissa Lara, SVP, Chief Diversity & Corporate Responsibility Officer. “Diversity is the key to an innovative work environment for our employees, and to succeed in business, so we are engaging our employees every day to learn, be open minded, and collaborate. The power of diversity and inclusion is one of our strongest unifying strengths.”

The symposium is a forum for open discussions and to help our local communities, including:

  • Keynote Speakers, including Carla Harris who will help employees maximize their success as a leader in their current career environment through the power of authenticity;
  • Diversity Network Community Service Event which will support three local organizations; Communities in Schools, Project Homeless Connect, and Britepaths which fall into the pillars of Synchrony’s citizenship platform, Families That Work and;
  • Specialized Trainings Sessions including “Exploring the Intersection of Our Identities” and more.

In 2017, Synchrony released its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report and is committed to regularly updating information to demonstrate progress in making a stronger social impact.


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