For Women’s History Month, Bright Pink® Empowers Women Across the US to Progress the Women’s Health Movement by Prioritizing Breast & Ovarian Health

Bright Pink has launched a month-long campaign to honor women’s health heroes of the past and to inspire individuals to play a role in shaping the future of women’s healthcare by prioritizing their breast and ovarian health. Throughout March, Bright Pink’s Women’s History Month campaign will build a national #SelfCareandShare movement through which thousands of women will assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer. The organization will leverage its award-winning digital quiz, Assess Your Risk, to call women to action and will help women pass along the quiz to…

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Mother London make a statement about breastfeeding in an unusual way

Mother London

On Sunday 26th March, Mother’s Day in the UK, there was a strange site  London. Perched on the top of Mother London’s HQ in Shoreditch there was a giant inflatable breast. This was an iniative by creative agency Mother: London (the UK’s largest independent advertising agency) part of the Mother Projects initiative, this is something they underake when the agency tries to solve a problem or highlight an issue it feels passionate about.  This is to highlight the problem of women who might feel embarrassed or judged while feeding their babies in…

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