Tech PR agency saves minds

Tech PR firm, Stone Junction has reinforced its credentials as an employer of choice after winning a CIPR Mark of Excellence for Best Staff Wellbeing Initiative and a PRCA Dare award for Team, Culture and Community. The company is also shortlisted for the CIPR Midlands PRide award for staff wellbeing.

All three awards recognise the successful delivery of team wellbeing initiative in an organisation, along with the involvement and effectiveness of the communications on the project.

Throughout the pandemic, Stone Junction has provided a trusted ear for its employees through its mental health first aiders, as well as deploying various creative tactics to help its staff thrive during the unprecedented period.

Fun strategies have includedquizzes, virtual lunches, PT sessions and care packages, as well asdedicated mental health days and rest days for all employees.

With Stone Junction’s account director, Jessica Phillips winning the PRCA’s Professional of the Year award, Leah Elston-Thompson a PRCA Rising Star of the Year finalist, as well as Laura England shortlisted for the CIPR Young Communicator of the Year award, the company’s wellbeing initiative is clearly having a positive impact on its people’s effectiveness.

The CIPR stated that its judges were, “impressed by the integrated objectives of business needs, staff wellbeing, and evidenced based activities. The monthly activities were energetic, creative, and accessible. The results were also impressive, particularly the reduction in sick days and salary increases.

“Outstanding in this category was the internal print magazine, which clearly engaged all the staff and provided an interactive, high quality, informative and creative medium for maintaining contact and generating positive wellbeing, as evidenced by the happiness and wellbeing scores.”

“We have done our utmost over the past year to make sure our team are in a healthy state of mind,” explained Richard Stone, managing director of Stone Junction. “While mental health has long been on the company agenda, we have fully acknowledged the impact the pandemic has had and have made an extra effort to come up with creative ideas to keep our team in the social loop.

“For us, focusing on group wellbeing is a win-win. Not only do we genuinely care about and appreciate our amazing people here, but healthy minds also create great work, which is how we’ve continued to grow even throughout the pandemic,” continued Stone.

“In particular we should recognise the great work done by our mental health team, Alison Gardner and Tom Roden, as well as our comms people, Andy Kehoe and Natasha Bodger.”

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