The Ad Council Launches Creators for Good Ambassador Program with Whalar to Leverage Trusted Messengers on behalf of America’s Most Pressing Social Issues

The Ad Council, the non-profit organization behind national social impact campaigns, in partnership with global creator commerce agency Whalar, announce the Creators for Good Ambassador Program as part of its premier in-house talent engagement division, Creators for Good. The Creators for Good Ambassador Program is comprised of a selection of trusted influencers who have deep passions for social issues related to areas of focus for the Ad Council including mental health awareness, gun violence prevention, substance use disorders and racial justice.

The program applies the Creators for Good Ambassadors’ lived experiences and career insights to overarching strategy, platform messaging and overall execution of Ad Council’s Creators for Good campaigns. It is the first time in the Ad Council’s 80-year history that trusted messengers will play such a formative advisory role across various campaigns, now further driving social impact efforts at scale.

Led by the Ad Council’s Creators for Good team, in partnership with Whalar, initial creators in this new program include:

  • Jonny Morales 
  • Chase Brown 
  • Kahmora Hall 
  • Tiffany Yu 
  • Jo Beckwith 
  • Cienna Ditri 
  • Sasha Hamadani, MD 
  • Rowan Ellis 
  • Matthew Maxfield 
  • Matthew Schueller 

This program is designed to invite in the strategic thinking from creators, allowing these influential leaders to play a critical role across various national PSA campaigns, bolstering the effectiveness of Ad Council’s trusted messenger strategies and social impact initiatives. As the ambassadors lend their insights to the strategies of campaign activations, the Ad Council will also equip these creators with issue expertise, research-backed messaging and social impact best to fortify their work speaking out on causes they care about.
“This new ambassador program is a holistic approach with creators, where we will have the opportunity to bring their invaluable expertise and creativity in early to help develop and optimize the work we do with creators and trusted messengers to engage our audiences. I can’t wait to see how this will further our reach and impact on many of the most pressing social issues facing our country,” said Ad Council Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Ellyn Fisher.

“We’re honored to partner with the Ad Council because they recognize the immense power creators have as community leaders to spark meaningful change,” said Jamie Gutreund, Chief Growth Officer, Whalar. “Together we believe working with creators as partners can inspire people to take action that goes well beyond selling products.”

Creator and psychiatrist Sasha Hamadani touched on the program and opportunities it presents in the mental health space saying, “As a psychiatrist, I wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to participate in this social good campaign because mental health is not merely an individual concern; it is a collective responsibility that affects the fabric of our society. Through this campaign, we can foster empathy, reduce stigma, and promote a culture of compassion. By raising awareness about the prevalence and diversity of mental health conditions, we empower individuals to seek help without shame or fear.”

Creators for Good is the Ad Council’s innovative influencer and trusted messenger marketing program providing opportunities for creators to make an impact on social causes. The program deepens partnerships with leading social platforms, and partners with celebrities, digital creators, musicians, athletes, gamers, issue experts and more to champion the most pressing issues facing the American public. Creators and celebrities that have worked with the Ad Council on campaigns include Simone Biles, John Cena, Noah Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Karlie Kloss, Caleb Williams and more.

Since its inception in 2015, Creators for Good has worked with more than 2,300 trusted messengers on over 50 campaigns, reaching upwards of 251 million people across the country with lifesaving and much needed information to help move the needle on some of the nation’s most critical issues. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Creators for Good expanded its focus to partner with trusted messengers of all types, seeing firsthand the success of tapping different voices to speak on unique issues for individual audiences, significantly scaling the effectiveness and authenticity of influencer projects.

In addition to the Creators for Good Ambassador Program, the Ad Council and Whalar are partnering on important social impact campaigns including the Ad Council’s youth fentanyl awareness and the Emmy®-Award winning Love Has No Labels initiatives, capitalizing on relationships with creators and the media to further elevate the campaign messaging.

For more information about Creators for Good visit here.

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