The Blackbaud Giving Fund Disbursed $630 Million in Charitable Gifts in 2021

The Blackbaud Giving FundⓇ, a donor-advised fund that brings supporters and nonprofits together to advance the state of giving, reported the disbursement of $630 million in charitable gifts in 2021 from over 850,000 donors to more than 146,000 nonprofits worldwide, making them among the top 10 largest donor-advised fund sponsors in the United States.

Since its inception in August 2020, The Blackbaud Giving Fund has disbursed over $898 million in donations to 195,000 nonprofits in partnership with YourCause® from Blackbaud® and JustGiving® from Blackbaud®, powering generosity and supporting global good.

“The Blackbaud Giving Fund was created to support individuals through workplace giving or peer-to-peer fundraising. It simplifies the giving experience by allowing donors to direct their gifts rapidly, securely, and efficiently to the intended nonprofits,” said Matt Nash, executive director of The Blackbaud Giving Fund. “As we continue to work toward global good, generosity is alive and well, supporting causes that impact daily lives.”

How it Works
The Blackbaud Giving Fund facilitates secure and efficient donations from companies and individuals, and delivers contributions directly to their intended beneficiary organizations. Beyond disbursing funds quickly to nonprofits, the fund offers resources to organizations, including receipting, and through the partnership with YourCause® from Blackbaud®, nonprofits have access to statistics, reports, disbursements through ACH payments, and more.

The fund takes great care when transferring monetary donations from donors to nonprofits, with measures in place to help protect each transfer, donor, and nonprofit from fraud and other potential security threats. Additionally, each nonprofit is thoroughly vetted to ensure donors support credible organizations. The fund prioritizes swift and efficient transfers, so nonprofits receive donations as soon as possible to keep their good efforts going.

Free Resources for Nonprofits
Nonprofits have access to The Blackbaud Giving Fund through the free YourCause® NPOconnect® platform. Within the platform, organizations can engage with current and prospective donors, raise awareness for their cause, analyze donor activity, view statistics, and enroll in ACH payments for faster distribution. Donors can also use NPOconnect to search for causes to support from a list of over 1.5 million vetted nonprofits or select organizations by name.

“Safety, efficiency, and nonprofit resources are paramount to The Blackbaud Giving Fund,” Nash said. “The fund is committed to connecting donors and nonprofits that make a difference in communities worldwide.”

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