New Report Highlights Eaton’s Efforts To Become a Model of Inclusion and Diversity in Its Industry

As part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a model of inclusion and diversity (I&D) in its industry, intelligent power management company Eaton, released its second annual Global Inclusion and Diversity Transparency report. The report details the progress the company has made in achieving its ambitious 2030 inclusion and diversity (I&D) commitments. They include:

  • Maintaining or exceeding the current representation of women and U.S. minorities on the board of directors and global leadership team.
  • Increasing representation of salaried global women to 40%.
  • Increasing representation of salaried U.S. minorities to 34%.
  • Achieving an inclusion index score of 80% or higher in our employee engagement survey.

“We’ve established ambitious 2030 commitments because we know diverse teams drive smarter, more innovative decisions,” said Ernest Marshall Jr., executive vice president and chief human resources officer, Eaton. “They spark creativity and challenge our way of thinking, which strengthens our performance.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • More than two-thirds of Eaton’s directors are either women or U.S. minorities and 54% of the company’s global leadership team is made up of U.S. minorities.
  • Second Chance hiring practices continue to broaden Eaton’s talent pool and improve access to employment and advancement for people with prior criminal convictions.
  • Global services and allyship programs enhance support for well-being and mental health.
  • Spending with diverse suppliers, including minority- and disabled-owned businesses, increased year-over-year.

“We are committed to addressing systemic inequity and ensuring an inclusive workplace for all employees,” said Monica Jackson, vice president, Global Inclusion and Diversity, Eaton. “This is not a new journey for us. We will continue to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable, recognizing there is more work to do.”

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