The Travel Corporation and The TreadRight Foundation Celebrate Wildlife Initiative for Earth Day 2018

The TreadRight Foundation, a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, celebrates Earth Day 2018 by celebrating the TreadRight Wildlife Initiative.

As a travel organization, the TTC family of brands appreciates just how spectacular this planet is every day, taking great pride in creating experiences of a lifetime across the globe. Exploring the world and gaining a deeper understanding of each destination helps forge lasting connections to the history, culture and natural elements that make place each special.

Destinations around the planet are often defined by their iconic wildlife, and many local communities depend on a robust ecosystem to make a living. However, wildlife crimes like poaching and animal exploitation threaten to harm these innocent creatures and even wipe entire species off the face of the Earth. Earth Day 2018 provides TTC and TreadRight the opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of those leading the charge to defend animals in vulnerable situations, such as big cats, elephants, and rhinos.

As TreadRight celebrates Earth Day 2018, those who travel with a TTC brand can also rest assured they are helping to make a positive difference for our planet. Traveling with TTC will help fund The TreadRight Foundation’s big cat conservation project, delivered in partnership with their Wildlife Initiative partners at the Wildlife Conservation Society.

“Through my years spent working across every environment imaginable, whether I’m telling the stories of people or wildlife, there remains one constant in any healthy, robust and flourishing ecosystem, no matter the habitat, from the oceans to deserts to rainforests: apex predators are integral,” says TreadRight Ambassador Céline Cousteau.

“We need to remember the importance of top predators,” Cousteau adds. “We have put these vital animals at risk, and it is our responsibility to save them. We must remember the importance of co-existence between humans and nature. We need to tap back into the idea of balance, and recognize that the survival of big cats is central to the healthy functioning of ecosystems around the globe.”

To learn more about The TreadRight Foundation and the work it does to ensure the environments and communities we visit remain vibrant for generations to come through the more than 50-plus sustainable tourism projects it helps to support worldwide, please visit


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