TRX® Celebrates The Universal Power Of Movement In New #MADE2MOVE Campaign

TRX® have announced #MADE2MOVE, a new campaign that celebrates the universal beauty of human movement, regardless of body type, shape, or size. The campaign will feature inspirational content, showcasing how movement transforms our lives, defines who we are, and allows us to achieve our goals.

For years the health and fitness industry has sold a bill of goods to consumers about getting shredded, having six-pack abs, or getting that “beach body.” With #MADE2MOVE, TRX challenges the preconceived notions of the industry by celebrating healthy movement as both a universal right and a thing of beauty, free from the long-held aesthetic strappings of muscle tone or body fat percentage.

“At TRX, our company mantra and DNA resides in the basic principles of movement and empowering consumers to get out and move their bodies. As long as we have a heartbeat, we will continue to move with passion, determination, and the will to live,” said TRX Founder & CEO, Randy Hetrick. “No matter shape, size, age, or fitness goal, TRX will help you pursue your passions to the fullest. The #MADE2MOVE campaign flies in the face of everything consumers know about the industry and shifts the paradigm of focusing on aesthetic results to the power of efficient and effective functional movement, across the widest range of body types.”

To kick off the #MADE2MOVE campaign, TRX will debut a cinematic launch video that embodies all things movement, followed by photo and video assets, user-generated content, influencer and ambassador activations, paid and organic social media, email marketing, and public relations.

At its core, the campaign is designed to inspire consumers of all fitness levels to cast aside the more superficial stereotypes and pressures associated with achieving a certain body aesthetic and embrace the universal beauty and liberating power of efficient movement. Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing towards a summit, #MADE2MOVE will help users move and feel better, while providing the necessary tools to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. The campaign adheres to a simplistic approach, based on TRX’s seven pillars of movement – Push, Pull, Plank, Hinge, Squat, Lunge, and Rotate – providing the building blocks to help consumers move better.

Whether it’s a workout on the dynamic TRX app utilizing the TRX HOME2 System, a jog around the block, walk on the beach, yoga class, or hike, #MADE2MOVE will provide informational, inspirational, and aspirational user-generated content for consumers to understand and express themselves through movement. Whether someone is an obstacle course participant, ballerina, concert pianist, firefighter, or an ER nurse, TRX is committed to helping people of all walks of life and different fitness levels move at their best, in both sport and life, and transform the way they look, feel, and think to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

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