UFG Insurance highlights the dangers of distracted driving with “Worth It” program

UFG Insurance continues to expand its distracted driving awareness campaign, Worth It, with new content for Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

“Worth It” was launched in 2017 as a way to reach and engage a variety of audiences about the dangers of distracted driving. The goal of the program is to offer resources that companies, insurance agents and other organizations can use to spread the message that life is worth it, distracted driving is not.

The program also takes a special look at distracted driving among commercial drivers. Proprietary research conducted for UFG highlights some alarming statistics within the commercial driving industry, including one indicating that 93% of commercial drivers think reading a text while operating their company vehicle is considered distracted driving, yet nearly half of those same drivers say they have done it. Additionally, 72% of commercial drivers acknowledge “yes,” they could possibly cause an accident due to their distracted driving habits.

Mike Sheeley, UFG vice president of corporate marketing, says that while distracted driving issues are trending in the insurance industry, the program is about more than the bottom line.

“‘Worth It’ was created as a way for us to offer tools and tips to our insureds and agents so they can do their part in helping to stop distracted driving,” said Sheeley. “Whether that is helping our business customers create a distracted driving policy for their company, or having one of our speakers present at a high school, we hope this campaign will help drivers of all ages realize that driving distracted is just not worth it.”

The ufgworthit.com website houses sharable resources, including:

  •     Marketing materials
  •     Speakers
  •     Online pledge
  •     Research findings
  •     PowerPoint presentations
  •     Social media toolkit
  •     Videos
  •     Promotional items
  •     Scholarship opportunity

To further promote Distracted Driving Month, in April UFG will be announcing the winners of ten Worth It scholarships and will also feature a “30 Day Worth It Challenge” on its Facebook page, with facts, tips and more to help drivers break the habit of using their phones while driving.

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