UNESCO launches #RightToEducation campaign

The right to education. A notion that many take for granted, but a fundamental right that is still far from being a reality for millions around the world.

As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights marks its 70th year, UNESCO is launching a digital campaign on the #RightToEducation, a right that is at the core of its global mission to ensure equal access to quality education.

Through a series of videos, animations, visuals, interviews and stories, the UNESCO campaign – running from 15 October to 18 December 2018 – will unpack the legal significance of the right to education and the major challenges that are blocking its path.

The #RightToEducation campaign aims to bring this crucial human right at the forefront of global attention and empower young people and adults to bring about change in their communities.

“Everyone has the right to education – children, youth and adults,“ says UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini. “Countries must fulfill their legal obligations to provide quality education to all their citizens.”

An estimated 262 million children and youth are currently out of school globally, and some 750 million youth and adults still cannot read and write. Less than 1 in 5 countries legally guarantee 12 years of free and compulsory education.

UNESCO develops, monitors and promotes education norms and standards in order to foster the implementation of the right to education in different countries. The Organization maintains a global Observatory on the right to education. 

Join the #RightToEducation campaign by sharing UNESCO’s messages on social media and through other networks to help bring awareness to this crucial human right with the power to transform lives around the world!   

The campaign page contains all essential information and will be updated weekly with fresh content over the course of the campaign.. 

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