UNHCR launches global #HandinHandcampaign, a powerful message of unity urging the world to remember the plight of refugees this Ramadan

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, this Ramadan intensifies its efforts to support the overwhelming number of families torn apart by war and violence and who are struggling to provide for their families. The agency has launched today its global campaign #HandinHand to raise awareness around the pressing need of refugee families, particularly women and children, for vital support and cash assistance.

In line with these efforts, UNHCR has kicked off a visual campaignthat will air across the globethroughout Ramadan. “Projections of Hope” aims to connect families throughout the region with the reality of the daily struggles of refugees during the Holy Month.


Houssam Chahine, Head of Private Sector Partnerships for UNHCR in the MENA region said: “We invite every person observing the Holy Month around the globe to stand #HandinHand with refugee families, so together we make surethat no refugee is left behind in their time of greatest need, and we are counting on your donations and good deeds to make this happen.. 22.5 million refugees worldwide require our support, the most vulnerable of which are Syrian and Rohingya families of women and children.”

#HandinHandalso highlights, through real-time visuals on its social media channels, how donations translate to direct aid and monthly cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugee families.

“As conflict continues to escalate aroundthe world, we ask for your help to support refugees in need this Ramadan. We are present on ground to provide these families with vital support such as shelter, healthcare, clean water, and monthly cash assistanceso we keep families together and protect children from potential child labor and exploitation”, says Chahine.

Furthermore, UNHCR recentlyunveiled its global Zakat platform, which provides a trusted and efficient route to fulfil Zakat obligations and ensures 100 per cent of funds goes directly to the neediest refugee families in Jordan and Lebanon. This initiative is fully Sharia compliant and is backed by five fatwas from leading Islamic scholars and institutions and is subject to rigorous governance, ensuring transparency at every step, from donation to provision of assistance. UNHCR has adopted a digital only approach to paying Zakat, ensuring security, efficiency, transparency and complete peace of mind. The new platform can be accessed at zakat.unhcr.org

UNHCR implements a wide range of humanitarian assistance programmes including provision of shelter, healthcare, education, and cash assistance for refugee families. To complement its programmes, the agency provides direct financial aid to more than tens of thousands of refugee families below the extreme poverty line in Jordan and Lebanon, allowing them to take back some control of their circumstances whilecontributing to the local economy. While in Bangladesh, UNHCR is relocating Rohingya refugees threatened by floods and landslides caused by the monsoon season, in addition to providing these families with shelter and lifesaving relief items.

UNHCR has a 68-year track record in assisting refugees in need throughout the world, regardless of the background of their plight.

For more information on UNHCR’s Ramadan campaign, please visit: giving.unhcr.org/Ramadan





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