United Way Releases New Public Service Announcement

United Way Worldwide has released a new public service announcement (PSA) highlighting the role that its 60,0000 corporate partners play in solving community problems across the world.

The idea that “change doesn’t happen alone” is underscored by spotlighting the involvement of corporate partners and their employee volunteers, including Kellogg Company, Wells Fargo and UPS.  The three are among 280 of the Fortune 500 companies that partner with United Way.

The ad was released during National Volunteer Month as a nod to the almost 3 million volunteers – many of whom work for United Way’s corporate partners – who are investing their time, talent and dollars to build stronger communities through United Way. Each year, United Way, its partners and volunteers make life better for 61 million people. See an impact snapshot of that global work here.

The Change Doesn’t Happen Alone PSA hits the airwaves today in :30 and :60 formats. United Way has also created a long-form video (1:15), which many companies and local United Ways will use to rally people around local solutions. The ads are the newest installment in United Way’s award-winning Join the Fight campaign, which invites everyone to be a part of the fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community

“United Way’s PSAs are designed to do more than articulate to the world who we are, what we do, and why it matters,” said Lisa Bowman, Chief Marketing Officer, United Way Worldwide. “We want to engage more people in our community-building work. The lasting change we’re after isn’t quick or easy. It can’t be done by a single sector or organization. But together with our partners and volunteers, we are building a better world.

“The heroes of our new PSAs are our corporate partners and their employee volunteers,” said Bowman, who came from the private sector to United Way more than three years ago. Across the world, United Way creates meaningful opportunities for partners’ employees to make a difference where they live and work. For example:

  • To alleviate summer hunger, United Way partnered with Kellogg in support of its Breakfast for Better Days™ program, helping to feed children and families. Learn more here.
  • United Way and UPS have worked together to create training that helps drivers and other UPS workers spot human trafficking in their daily work. Learn more here.
  • In eight communities across the U.S., United Way and Wells Fargo created a Financial Capability Network to help people get back on solid financial footing.  This has helped nearly 42,000 people with financial wellness classes, budget workshops, 1-on-1 financial coaching and more. Learn more here.

The Join the Fight Campaign has been recognized with the 2018 PR News Nonprofit Award, the 2017 MarCom Platinum Award, the TV Access Top One Award and a 2017 PR News Platinum Honorable Mention.

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