UnitedHealth Group Reaffirms Commitment to Sustainability

UnitedHealth Group has released its 2020 sustainability report detailing the company’s ongoing commitment to helping ensure it meets the needs of those it serves, including its customers, employees, shareholders and society broadly.

Informed by broad stakeholder engagement, input from leaders across the company and consultation with our Board of Directors, this report focuses on efforts across UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare to advance key priorities, including:

  • Helping to Create a Modern, High-Performing Health System: UnitedHealth Group is committed to a future that expands access to care, improves health care affordability, enhances the health care experience and achieves better health outcomes. Partnering with key stakeholders, we are advancing health equity, building healthier communities and supporting the ongoing response efforts to COVID-19.

  • People and Culture: UnitedHealth Group celebrates its people and their ideas and experiences, creating a culture where all team members are appreciated, valued and able to reach their full potential. The company joins together as individuals – forming a team as diverse as the people we serve – in meeting its responsibility to improve the health system.

  • Responsible Business Practices: For more than 40 years, UnitedHealth Group has focused on developing strong and effective governance practices through compliance, board diversity and independence, a commitment to ethics and integrity, and an emphasis on data security and supply chain management.

  • Environmental Health: UnitedHealth Group recognizes the important role the environment plays in the health of every community and is committed to mitigating our impact on the environment. 

“We view sustainability as a core element of our business strategy and we are constantly striving to ensure progress in our efforts,” said Cory Alexander, executive vice president of Corporate Affairs at UnitedHealth Group. “We are pleased with the meaningful progress we have made to date, but we also understand and recognize how much more work we have to do, and we are dedicated to continue working with others to fulfill our mission and help build a compassionate and patient-centered health system.” 

The report includes three long-term commitments UnitedHealth Group is making to expand access to care, improve health care affordability, enhance the health care experience and achieve better health outcomes, as well as advance health equity and build healthier communities. These commitments are to:

  • Ensure that 85% of members receive preventive care services annually by 2030. 

  • Ensure more than 55% of outpatient surgeries and radiology services among members are delivered at high-quality, cost-efficient sites of care by 2030.

  • Close 600 million gaps in care for members by 2025. 

To view or download the complete report, go to sustainability.uhg.com.

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