Virgin Money Giving reveals innovative new chapter of fundraising with World of Books

Virgin Money Giving has partnered with World of Books Group, the biggest retailer of second hand books in the UK, in an innovative partnership which will help fundraisers maximise their donation potential via the service provided by Ziffit and drive additional money to charities.

At a time when charities and fundraisers are looking for new ways to raise much needed funds, donors and charities are able to recycle not only their unwanted books but also DVD’s and computer games using the free trade-in online service. Donors enter the details of their unwanted books, games and DVD’s and get a cash value back from Ziffit which they can then pass, via Virgin Money Giving, directly to their charity. All of the funds raised will go to their charity and if they are a UK tax payer that donation can be bolstered by an additional 25% in Gift Aid too. The donation can be direct to the charity or added to a fundraiser’s total.

This Virgin Money Giving and Ziffit partnership promotes sustainability and helps people to reuse and recycle through innovation and technology, with charities and fundraisers as the beneficiaries. Charities, regardless of size, will be able to benefit from the partnership by recycling unwanted books, games and DVDs, meaning a new and, in some cases, vital income stream for those who operate without a retail network. Packages can be collected direct from donor’s homes to make it easy for all to give.

World of Books is a global seller of used books online, selling quality used books at competitive prices to millions of customers worldwide each year. The company was founded on an ethos to do good, to help charities and to make a positive impact. Books should be read more than once as well as having more than one owner. World of Books want to promote the circular economy and share the love of literature by rereading and reusing books and their Ziffit re-commerce technology helps to close the loop in the new and used lifecycle of products.

Richard Salt, Group Commercial Director at World of Books Group said: “We’re excited to partner with Virgin Money Giving, a business that is so clearly aligned to our values and purpose, protecting the planet by enabling more goods to be reused and generating additional income for charities and good causes. Our partnership demonstrates how re-commerce technology can be used for good and presents an opportunity for individuals to raise more funds for the causes they care about most.”

Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving said: “I am delighted to be able to offer an innovative new way for people to give to all charities across the UK. Our partnership with World of Books Group, the largest second-hand book retailer in the world, will help drive additional donations and support sustainable trading at a time when both are greatly needed. This innovative partnership will see us work together to help fundraisers and organisations raise new money for charities through the donation of books and media. This is a unique way for donors to be able to give extra by donating their unwanted books and media especially when they can do this from the comfort of their own home.

“Fundraisers are always looking for innovative ways of obtaining sponsorship and partnering with World of Books provides them with an easy way to raise more money for their chosen charity fundraiser. It allows books and media to be donated instead of cash meaning the fundraiser can maximise their donations opportunity whilst recycling their unwanted items.”

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