WARC’s Global Marketing Index: June 2022: Global marketing budget growth sees notable decrease

The WARC Global Marketing Index (GMI) provides a unique monthly indicator of the state of the global marketing industry by tracking the rate of growth or decline across current trading conditions, marketing budgets and staffing levels polled monthly from a panel of 1000+ marketing executives.

Key insights – June 2022

The Headline Global Marketing Index (GMI) continues to decrease in the rate of growth at 56.6 from 59.8. This comes as the possibility of a global recession has become apparent, leading to

some companies cutting marketing budgets. 

However, analysis by Analytic Partners shows that brands that cut their marketing budgets during a recession leave themselves at a long-term disadvantage.

Although all regions remain in growth, the rate decreased globally, with the index value

in Europe showing the lowest rate at 52.0 from 53.6 in May. Despite the decrease in growth, the index value in APAC shows the highest rate of growth at 63.9 from 66.8 in May. The Americas saw a notable decrease from 59.6 in May to 54.7 in June.

(A value of 50 indicates “no change” from the previous month. The more distant the index is from 50 points, the greater the rate of change indicated.)

Key insights – June 2022

  • Decreased rate of growth in marketing budgets and trading conditions apparent in the Americas.
  • Global marketing budgets see a notable fall in rate of growth.
  • OOH budgets continue to see an increased rate of growth.
  • European marketing budgets and trading conditions deepen in rate of decline.

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