Water bottle refill stands in 326 Sainsbury’s supermarkets

Today is National Refill Day 2019, so it’s nice to see the following from Sainsbury’s.

From August, fresh water stands will be available in cafes for customers to refill their own water bottles and reduce the reliance on single-use plastic water bottles.

Sainsbury’s also announced today that customers can now bring their own re-usable containers to fresh and deli counters in Supermarkets for meat, fish, cheese and deli products.  This will be clearly signposted on the counters.

Sainsbury’s already offers 25p off hot drinks across all cafes when a customer brings a re-usable cup.

Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe said:

“Our customers want to use less plastic so I am determined that Sainsbury’s continues to find ways to help them do that. Allowing customers to refill their own water bottles and re-use food containers is further evidence of our commitment to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.”

Over recent weeks, Sainsbury’s has made bold commitments to remove and replace plastic, while ensuring as many of its products as possible are made from recycled material and are recyclable after use.

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