WaterAid celebrates the power of water in relaxing ‘Flow TV’ videos from around the world

With the UK heatwave abating, international charity WaterAid has created a series of refreshing hour-long videos featuring natural water scenes such as rivers, lakes and waterfalls from around the world.  

Inspired by ‘Slow TV’ – the Norwegian genre of marathon broadcasting typified by static or slow-moving camerawork – ‘Flow TV’ celebrates the power of water by capturing some of the remote locations in which WaterAid works as well as water’s powerful meditative and restorative qualities. 

So far, WaterAid has produced nine hours of ‘Flow TV’. Whether it’s to improve mindfulness, aid sleep, or accompany activities such as Tai-Chi or Yoga, viewers can immerse themselves in unfamiliar soundscapes: from the gentle lapping of waves at Zambia’s Zambezi river to the hypnotic rhythms of a waterfall in the tropical forest of Mandraka, Madagascar, near communities where WaterAid is working to bring clean water.  

Soothing sounds accompany striking scenery, such as the misty, tenebrous skies filmed at Moramanga, Madagascar River. This globe-traversing series even takes in the exotic climes of the Norfolk Broads for a stunning sunset.  

Despite many of the water sources being used for a range of activities such as fishing, washing and drinking, not all of those featured are clean. WaterAid works with some of the world’s poorest communities to improve access to clean water and good sanitation, which are vital for a healthy prosperous life. 

The playlist is here.

Steve Melia, WaterAid’s Film Manager, said:  

“When developing countries appear on TV we’re often confronted with images of poverty.  While it’s important to publicise the challenges that people face, we also want to show the natural beauty of nations like Uganda and Pakistan and celebrate water in all its forms. WaterAid has a network of talented filmmakers with access to some of the world’s most remote locations. Flow TV allows us to share the spectacular scenery our staff encounter, while helping viewers unwind from the stresses of daily life and go with the flow!” 

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