When We All Vote Partners with The Voices Project to Register New Voters in Recovery From Addiction

When We All Vote—a new national, nonpartisan not-for-profit is partnering with the Voices Project, a national addiction advocacy organization led by author and activist Ryan Hampton. Together, the organizations are launching the new platform Recovery Voices Vote, powered by Rock the Vote.

Recovery Voices Vote aims to register new voters who are in recovery from addiction. People affected by addiction represent one of the largest constituency groups in America. Over 23 million people are in recovery, and 21 million are suffering from addiction. As an emerging group, the recovery movement is immense, and includes millions of people in recovery, as well as their families, friends, and communities. A partnership with When We All Vote is a massive step toward equality and civic participation for Americans with substance use disorder.

The first major outreach and visibility opportunity will be an event in partnership with the Above the Noise Foundation on September 29th at Recovery Fest: a music festival where thousands of people will be able to register to vote in person.

Macklemore, an acclaimed performer in recovery who is headlining the festival, said, “Voting is one important way we can begin to end the silence and stigma surrounding addiction and work toward proactive policy solutions to the opioid epidemic.”

Recovery voters are key to the upcoming elections. The best way to involve people in recovery in the national conversation about addiction is to encourage them to use their voices in the voting booth.

The Voices Project was founded by Ryan Hampton, a person in recovery and the author of American Fix, publishing August 28 from St. Martin’s Press. After losing many friends to fatal overdoses, Ryan realized that substance use related deaths are America’s most urgent and preventable public health crisis. Every four minutes, another life is lost. One in three households includes a person who has issues with substance use. Hampton has centered those voices to shatter the stigma of recovery, help save lives, and end the drug epidemic.

When We All Vote is co-chaired by Michelle Obama and some of America’s most trusted voices, including Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw. By harnessing the power of partner organizations’ and campaign ambassadors’ voices, When We All Vote reaches millions of Americans and encourages them to participate by voting.

“Our partnership with When We All Vote is a huge opportunity for the recovery community to make its voice heard,” said Ryan Hampton. “The stigma of addiction is so strong that many people forget that they have a right to make their opinions known. If you have a voice, you have a vote—and you can make yourself heard.”

When We All Vote CEO Kyle Lierman said, “When We All Vote is proud to partner with The Voices Project and their mission to lift up the voices of people in recovery and their families. Ryan, Macklemore, and The Voices Project’s passion for the democratic process makes this partnership meaningful and will help us reach voters of all types.”

Recovery is an issue that affects all of us, as a nation. The new partnership between When We All Vote and the Voices Project inspires people in recovery to get involved and help shape the future of recovery related public policy, save lives, and create a healthier future for everyone.

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