Welch’s Releases First-Ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Welch’s, a leading company of fruit-based food and beverages, made available today its first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report reflects progress made towards 2025 sustainability goals using baseline measures developed in 2020 and focuses on three pillars: Caring for Our Earth, Serving the Community, and Growing a Healthier Future.

Welch’s believes Caring for Our Earth starts with our family farm owners. They are committed to managing natural resources carefully and efficiently and utilizing cutting edge research and technology to ensure the quality and integrity of the land they farm and live on. This stewardship enables our family farm owners to continuously maximize efficiencies while minimizing environmental impacts. Within this pillar Welch’s also focuses on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in owned manufacturing. In the first year of tracking and reporting, they have seen a 2.5% reduction of GHG emissions, making great progress towards the 2025 goal of reducing GHG emissions by 10%.

Goals within Welch’s Serving the Community pillar take many forms including both a commitment to maintaining its world-class safety record and improving the communities it serves through food and charitable donations and volunteerism. Through multiple food drives held in 2021, Welch’s collected and donated more than 800 pounds of food to organizations across the country. Welch’s also encourages employees to engage with their local communities through facilitating volunteer opportunities at organizations committed to feeding our communities.

Welch’s goals for Growing a Healthier Future focus on identifying and communicating the source of its fruit ingredients, and developing innovative, healthier products with simple ingredients. Welch’s has already taken measures to reduce sugar content in its products and has recently removed high-fructose corn syrup from its Sparkling Juices, thus reducing 46% of the sugar in that portfolio.

“We are proud to share our first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report which outlines progress against our Growing Tomorrow Together strategy and goals,” said Cheryl Kennedy, Welch’s Chief Human Resources and Sustainability Officer. “We acknowledge there is more work to be done to meet our 2025 goals, but the accomplishments we’ve had in such a short time prove we have strong dedication and support from our farms and employees to continue to make a positive impact on our communities and the Earth.”

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