Wells Fargo Launch “With, Always” Marketing Campaign

Throughout history, people with disabilities have turned their dreams into reality and shaped the world around us. Yet, when people hear or see that someone has a disability, there is a tendency to want to help that individual and do things for them—usually without their direct involvement. Society tends to focus on what people with disabilities can and can’t do.

Wells Fargo says it knows differently. They have seen the value that people with disabilities add to the fabric of our culture throughout history, and within our own organization.

The campaign, which launched Oct. 3, is intended to celebrate some of the great contributions people with disabilities have made to society, highlight the contributions as a platform to show what’s possible, and establish Wells Fargo’s commitment to working with people with disabilities, always.

In this inspirational campaign, we highlight a range of historical figures with disabilities who have made significant contributions to society, including:

  • Louis Braille, inventor
  • Stephen Farffler, inventor
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. president
  • Harriet Tubman, activist
  • Farida Bedwei, engineer
  • Justin Dart, activist
  • Vint Cerf, internet pioneer

As part of the creative development of this marketing campaign, Wells Fargo worked with thought leaders in the community to shape the approach, including Liz Jackson, a disabilities activist, and Jessica Oddi, the artist who created the artwork. Both identify as persons with disabilities. Lawrence Carter-Long, who reads the audio portion of the campaign describes the details of those featured in the artwork, is a disability activist.

The marketing campaign efforts, including artwork and audio portions, will be accompanied by braille and American Sign Language (ASL) to ensure the artwork and audio are accessible for all to enjoy.

The “With, Always” marketing campaign was featured at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), The No Barriers Summit, and via social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The campaign is one of the many ways Wells Fargo is reaffirming its commitment to recruiting, retaining, and advancing people with disabilities.

Kathy Martinez, head of Disability and Accessibility Strateg said: 

I am Kathy Martinez, head of Wells Fargo’s Disability and Accessibility Strategy, and on behalf of Wells Fargo, I want to thank you for joining us today. This is an important opportunity for us to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month and to commit, publicly and proudly, to creating career opportunities for people with disabilities at Wells Fargo. We are proud of the progress we have made in this effort, yet recognize we still have far to go.

We know the value and business impact that people with disabilities bring to the organization and that is why we believe in the critical importance of working with people with disabilities, always.

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