Women and Girl Projects in Kent and Medway Receive Major Funding Boost

Grassroots groups working in Kent and Medway get much-needed grants worth £89,000 to help support women and girls.

This is the second time Kent Community Foundation has awarded funding from the Tampon Tax Community Fund to local groups supporting women and girls experiencing issues such as period poverty, domestic and sexual abuse and poor mental health.

Natalie Smith, Director of Grants & Impact at Kent Community Foundation, said, “This funding supports the groups on the ground that are making a huge difference to the lives of women and girls. We know there is enormous demand for these services and are proud to help small organisations working in our community to access vital public funding, which they may otherwise miss out on.”

Some of the projects being funded by Kent Community Foundation from the Tampon Tax Community Fund include;

Ashford Vineyard Church

Ashford Vineyard Church runs The Beehive a second-hand women’s clothing boutique stocked with high quality donations run by volunteers who are given work experience and training to help them find paid employment. The Beehive is also open to women who can’t afford clothing who have been referred by local services to receive items free of charge. Since January 2019 they have given away almost £3500 worth of clothing to women in the community.

The grant of £9,500 will be used to pay for a member of staff to support the volunteer programme which provides key skills-based training to help Beehive volunteers securefuture employment. www.ashfordvineyard.org/the-beehive

Romani Slovak Czech Community

The Romani Slovak Czech Community project ‘Women Power’ received £9,500 from the Tampon Tax Community Fund. The funding will support daily group sessions in Northfleet to help women and girls improve their lives by overcoming difficulties they are facing. These sessions will allow attendees to improve their English language skills as well as creating a safe environment for women and girls from different communities, age groups and social backgrounds to come together, improve social cohesion and create friendships.

Andrea Jackova, from Romani Slovak Czech Community, said, “We are incredibly grateful to have received £9,500 for our project funded by Kent Community Foundation from the Tampon Tax Community Fund. This funding will allow Romani Slovak Czech Community to continue its valuable work supporting the community within Northfleet and Gravesend.” www.romani.top

Rubicon Cares

Rubicon Cares supports those that have been victims of crime. Since 2006, 81% of the cases referred to them have been female and the grant of £10,000 from the Tampon Tax Community Fund will be used for women who have been exposed to physical, psychological, emotional, coercive control, torture and sexual violence in Kent.

The grant will support weekly face-to-face holistic sessions for clients, allowing women to set their own priorities, goals and pace, ultimately empowering females to start valuing themselves, believe they have rights and ignite hope for a shame and guilt free future without violence.www.rubiconcares.org

Natalie Smith, continued, “Kent Community Foundation received Tampon Tax applications amounting to almost £300,000 and with only £89,000 to share between these good causes we knew we needed to do more to help vulnerable women in Kent. In response to this funding gap, we have launched a new Women’s Fund for Kent and Medway. Individuals can make a difference and help improve the lives of women and girls across the county by donating to this fund which tackles inequality, abuse, exploitation and disadvantage in the home, the workplace and wider local communities.”

Individuals can donate to Kent Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund for Kent and Medway at kentcf.org.uk/give/womens-fund

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