Women’s Aid launches urgent appeal on International Women’s Day to keep its life-saving Live Chat service running

On International Women’s Day (Sunday 8th March 2020) Women’s Aid launched an urgent appeal to raise £200,000 to keep its life-saving Live Chat service running for survivors of domestic abuse.

In the first three months of opening, 30,000 people came to the service, but without urgent funding it risks closure. 70% of women who used the service said it was the first time they’d contacted Women’s Aid.

The service is run by expert domestic abuse workers who offer survivors free, confidential and non-judgemental advice and support about their situation, including emotional and practical support such as finding the woman a refuge space.

A donation of just £5 funds a single live chat with an expert domestic abuse worker. Your £5 could provide vital support and advice for a woman in crisis.

Adina Claire, Acting co-Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, said:

““This is a life-saving service for women experiencing domestic abuse, many of whom have never reached out for support before. We know that so many women feel intimidated by the thought of picking up the phone and talking about traumatic experiences, and indeed for many women it is not safe to use the phone with their abuser nearby.

We launched this live chat service so that women can explain in writing what they’re going through, and receive confidential, expert advice on their situation. We are now very concerned that, unless we receive £200k funding very soon, the service faces closure.”

Laura Winter, Sports Presenter and Survivor Spokeswoman for the emergency appeal, said:

In those early days, it would have been so valuable to have anonymously reached out to someone and for them to say that, yes, this is abuse, I’m in the right place for support and I can get out.

The reality is, the live chat saves lives, it’s a really valuable tool. Domestic abuse does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone. There are thousands of women who have no way out, who are coerced, who aren’t believed.”

Alice Liveing, Fitness Professional and Survivor Ambassador for Women’s Aid, said:

“It’s incredibly sad that the Women’s Aid live chat service is at risk of closure. This service is invaluable for women and girls who are trapped in abusive relationships, particularly those who might feel nervous about calling a helpline. It’s certainly something I would’ve used when I was in that situation.”

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