Women’s Health Company Hologic and Actor, Director Aisha Tyler Partner to Help the One in Five Women Suffering in Silence with Heavy Periods

One in five women suffer from heavy periods, otherwise known as AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding), yet many of these women agonize in silence for years before seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Actress and television host Aisha Tyler is encouraging women to advocate for their health by partnering with women’s health company Hologic to overcome the stigma preventing millions of women from discussing menstrual health.

Heavy periods can be characterized by bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or includes passing clots the size of a quarter or larger.1 Many women suffering from heavy periods experience severe cramping, clotting, nausea, exhaustion and anemia as a result, which can negatively impact quality of life.2 Despite the prevalence of heavy periods, many women may not be aware they are experiencing a condition for which they can receive treatment.

Research has shown that women often suffer for years before seeking treatment for their heavy periods. The educational initiative We Hate Heavy Periods aims to shorten the time that women suffer from heavy periods before pursuing treatment with their doctor. Part of the campaign involves a video series showcasing Tyler’s efforts to dispel the taboo surrounding “period talk,” and includes her conversations with Cindy Basinski, M.D., a Board Certified OBGYN and urogynecologist in private practice in Newburgh, IN.“Often times, women delay seeing their doctor because they fear they will need to go through a hysterectomy, without realizing there are other safe and effective options,” Dr. Basinski said. “It’s important that women suffering from heavy periods have frequent and honest conversations with their doctors, so they can get an accurate understanding of the treatment options available to them.”

Tyler and the We Hate Heavy Periods campaign encourage women to have more frequent and engaging dialogues with their doctors and empower women with the information they need to make those conversations productive.

“To encourage as many women as possible to seek treatment, we need to first get people comfortable talking about this hugely impactful health condition,” said Sean Daugherty, President, Surgical Solutions division at Hologic. “We are proud to partner with Aisha Tyler to start a meaningful conversation around menstrual health.”

To learn more about AUB, women are encouraged to visit www.wehateheavyperiods.com. In addition to providing a symptom checklist to help women recognize abnormalities in their period.




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