World’s First One-Stop Sustainability Platform Launches To Help UK Businesses Reach Net Zero By 2030

A new sustainability platform, Zellar, has launched to enable every UK small business to reach Net Zero by 2030, well ahead of government targets. This one-stop-shop brings together everything businesses need to get to Net Zero and more in one easy-to-use platform.

Zellar makes sustainability an accessible and affordable reality for small businesses across the UK, offering a range of services from local biodiversity projects, to options for adopting green technology or energy. It brings together all the services SMEs from sole traders to medium sized organisations need to benchmark, manage, offset and promote their sustainability journey. Zellar provides the most efficient pathway to Net Zero, and costs from just £125 per year on a subscription basis.

The company is also working with like-minded partners to provide the products and services SMEs need to become Net Zero businesses before 2030. These include: CCP, Coop Bank, Renault Mobilize, Onto, SSE, Tatton Estates and Biffa.  

Various LEPS are actively supporting their business communities and closely collaborating with Zellar in the coming months.

Small and medium-sized enterprises make up 99.9% of all UK businesses and employ 60% of the workforce. Yet, 78% don’t know where to start to become more sustainable.* Whether businesses are just getting started or want more ways to improve, Zellar can help benchmark their sustainability and provide a customised roadmap. 

By signing up, businesses will: 

  • Help to combat the devastating effects of climate change

  • Embrace Net Zero best practice by reducing your emissions as much as practical and offset the rest

  • Attract the best talent in your business by showing you care about the things that matter

  • Generate more customers and prospects as more consumers and supply chains buy from green businesses

  • Grow your profits by transitioning to green suppliers and energy

  • Support UK local green initiatives and encourage others to do the same – we’re all in this together

  • Become a sustainable business, which is good for profits, customers and the climate

Gary Styles, Zellar’s CEO and founder, says: “Like many parents, I worry about my children’s future in the face of the climate crisis. There’s plenty of talk but not enough action so I created Zellar to help businesses make real changes internally through reducing emissions, volunteering, behaviour change, contributing to biodiversity projects and offsetting. We’ve already helped over 50 early-access businesses significantly improve their sustainability process and we’re excited to reach thousands more companies across the UK.”

Peter Charlesworth, Zellar’s COO, says “We understand that businesses face a lot of challenges in trying to reach Net Zero and it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why we created Zellar. While big companies often have departments dedicated to sustainability, until now small companies would have had to rely on several different consultants, brokers and apps, which is time consuming and doesn’t guarantee success. But small businesses will make a huge difference and you can’t solve climate issues without them.”

Stewart Davies, COO of GG Hospitality, owners of the Stock Exchange Hotel which has a Zellar profile, says: “Over the years I’ve become increasingly aware of how I can take steps to become more sustainable and this is really important for our management of the Stock Exchange Hotel. We used Zellar to analyse our carbon emissions and discovered they are 44% better than the average UK hotel. The platform also provided a series of actions we can take to improve this further, including behavioural actions, emission reductions by moving to a low carbon energy supplier, use of green technology, offsetting and biodiversity investments. We’re excited about our next steps towards becoming a greener hotel and are committed to reaching Net Zero before 2030.”

Zellar has been in development for two years and 30 Manchester-based businesses have already had early access. The platform is now available to businesses across the UK. For more information and to sign up, visit: 

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