World’s most-awarded creative directors Zampa & Zaro launch AKQA Bloom

AKQA Bloom is a new agency that will deploy vibrant thinking and bold ideas to help respond to the challenges of our time.

Bloom’s mission is to protect our planet, open minds and enrich lives by inspiring companies to make an impact that goes beyond communication. Bloom’s hope is that cross-disciplinary collective action will help to spark an industry-wide shift in attitudes and contribution through our shared humanity and societal responsibility.

Led by Founders and Executive Creative Directors Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro (Zampa & Zaro) the new agency is launched in Miami, Florida.

Zaro said: “We founded Bloom from a realization that we have the platform and opportunity to respond to multiple problems with new energy and determination. By applying fearless creativity, exceptional craft, and love, we aspire to encourage brands to satisfy societal needs in positive and meaningful ways.”

Zampa said: “A very legitimate skepticism is rising as people begin to see the gap between the purpose-led rhetoric that some companies preach and a corporate reality that’s severely lacking in substance. Every enterprise has the power and potential to harness their enormous influence as a force for social good, with sustainable growth that serves the community, workers and environment, aligning interests for all stakeholders.”

AKQA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ajaz Ahmed, is equally certain there’s no better talent than the dynamic creative team to lead the new agency, saying: “Zampa & Zaro’s loyalties and worldview are resolutely focused to the present and the future. Their visionary ideas break the rules and change the way people think by sharing astonishing stories and amplifying stunning voices outside the consensus. Zampa & Zaro’s striking ingenuity reminds us that difficulties are not inevitable, challenges are not insurmountable and creative expression infused with meaning will help confront the obstacles that face a world built on fragile foundations that’s in constant change.”

Ahead of their springtime debut, Bloom is already hard at work on large-scale collaborations with organisations.

With its blossoming neighborhoods, entrepreneurial network, highly collaborative creative community and drive, Miami presents the ideal conditions and flourishing ecosystem to help AKQA Bloom to thrive. Miami is an emerging technology hub that benefits from a diverse population, a rapidly growing startup scene, and an attractive climate to encourage work-life balance.

Bloom will collaborate with brands working at the intersection of culture and purpose, finding the right balance between love and trust.

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