LUNGevity Launches New Social Media Campaign #ChangeLungCancer

LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization, announces the launch of the #ChangeLungCancer social media campaign.  LUNGevity is proud to provide a new way for lung cancer advocates to get involved this November during Lung Cancer Awareness Month through this social media campaign.

The campaign will raise awareness of lung cancer and help inspire others to help drive change through a variety of downloadable signs with powerful messages. Participants simply take a selfie holding one of several #ChangeLungCancer signs and share it on social media with their personal reason for changing lung cancer.

“Each year during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we try to equip individuals with the tools they need to help spread awareness about lung cancer,” Andrea Ferris, President and CEO of LUNGevity, said.  “We know our community is very active on social media, and we are incredibly excited about the potential to raise awareness and drive change through this new vehicle. Together we can have the greatest impact on this disease.”

Follow LUNGevity on social media to see stories of the #ChangeLungCancer campaign participants. Among them are patients/survivors, including members of ALK Positive, EGFR Resisters, and RET Renegades; doctors, including Raja Flores from Mount Sinai and Drew Moghanaki from Atlanta VA Medical Center and Emory Winship Cancer Institute; and researchers, including the members of LUNGevity’s newest class of Career Development Awardees, among others.

Choose your favorite sign and download it at

Throughout November, LUNGevity provides many ways to get involved for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. LUNGevity believes strongly that everyone can drive progress and change for people affected by the disease, and invites its constituents to get involved, whether through social media advocacy, distributing educational materials, attending a Breathe Deep event, or organizing events and activities to raise funds and awareness.

Learn more about how to get involved at

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