We Are F & WeCoffee Launch New Freelancers Platform

Digital marketing boutique, We Are F, have announced their partnership with WeCoffee, a new platform giving freelancers the power to remotely work from coffee shops in their neighbourhood for free.

This dynamic new platform is designed to take the stress out of the freelancer model by allowing users to quickly find a meeting room, workspace, or coffee shop to work from in their area. By partnering with coffee shops across the city, WeCoffee, have given freelancers one less thing to worry about.

When We Are F were first beginning, a little over a year ago, they opted to have no set office space, and instead elected to work from different coffee shops across London. This idea birthed their popular ‘Office of the Day’ feature on Instagram, showcasing different coffee shops across the city

After a chance encounter with Ben Carew and Arnauld Mardegan, the two founders of WeCoffee, a collaboration between the two brands seemed like a natural fit. Stress-free, flexible working and increased visibility for independent coffee shops around London.

Federica Attanasio, Co-Founder, We Are F, said: “WeCoffee eliminates that oh so typical “unwanted” feeling and awkwardness that every freelancer working from a coffee shop has experienced at one point or another.”

“We believe that the need to order 1 coffee every 10 minutes, just to not piss off the coffee shop owners, will become a thing of the past.”

WeCoffee gives patrons the ability to book a workspace at their nearest coffee shop for as long as they need it. Customers using the service will also receive special discounts on both coffee and food.

The idea is to save freelancers from spending a fortune, while also reliably supporting local, independent coffee shops.

Federica Pecis, Co-Founder, We Are F, said: “As a business, we are now in a position where our expansion has allowed us to move into our own office, but every Wednesday we will still dedicate the day to working from one of the many coffee shops found on the platform.”

“Founders, Ben and Arnauld, are currently running a series of events in every coffee shop once a week, where freelancers can network and discuss their project with others, and the free coffee and food doesn’t hurt either!”

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