​PRCA issues eight point ethical challenge to industry

Speaking at the African Public Relations Association conference in Botswana this morning, Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said:

“Our industry took a major step forward last year when it expelled Bell Pottinger. But we have more to do if we are to achieve our potential, and prove without doubt our ethical professionalism.

“That is why I have today, in the part of the world where our industry faced up to its stiffest ever challenge, laid down eight challenges:

1. The industry must toughen its Codes

2. The industry must speed up its enforcement

3. The industry must stand up for ethical practice

4. The industry must act internationally

5. The industry must set standards

6. The industry must enforce them

7. The industry must expel members who are unethical – however famous big or powerful they may be

8. The industry must rise to the moment

“Now is the time for us to prove what I know. That our industry is professional; ethical; valuable. It must rise to this challenge and prove its stature.”



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