21st Century Oncology Launches #NOTMY8 Campaign For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 21st Century Oncology, the largest integrated cancer care network in America, has launched the #NOTMY8 Challenge to encourage women to schedule a mammogram and then get eight of her friends and relatives to test for breast cancer—which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women—with one in eight developing it over the course of her lifetime.

To show support for the cause and contribute to the movement, 21st Century Oncology is calling on people to share the #NOTMY8 hashtag on social media and tag their friends, or create their own post with a photo or video of their bra hanging from a tree or elsewhere to show the world they’ve accepted the challenge. For more information on #NOTMY8 and breast cancer, visit https://www.21co.com/notmy8/.

“Early detection, made possible by consistent annual screenings with good quality digital mammography, means we’re able to detect even smaller cancers and perform even smaller lumpectomies. As a result, more and more women have the option of preserving their breasts without sacrificing the success of their breast cancer treatment or disrupting their lives.” said Dr. Kathleen Minnick, 21st Century Oncology Breast Surgeon.

According to Breastcancer.org, there are more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. While 70% of breast cancers are found in women over age 55, younger women are also at risk, with 11% of new cases found in women younger than 45 years old. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women age 45 to 54 (women age 40 to 45 have the option to start screening). When women reach the age of 55, they have the option of switching to every other year. Screening should continue for women who are in good health and expected to live 10 or more years.

Early detection is the key to survival. More than 90% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage have at least a five-year survival rate. 

“A yearly mammogram is essential to protect yourself and catch breast cancer at its most treatable stage,” said 21st Century Oncology CEO Kim Commins-Tzoumakas. “We want to spread the word and start a movement that we hope will continue far beyond the reaches of our centers.” 

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