60% more people are now dependent on essential charity donations

In Kind Direct launches the #commUNITY campaign as a rallying cry in the country’s third and hardest lockdown. Its network of thousands of charitable organisations reported an 84% continued and increasing demand for their services that will deliver a continuous supply of family essentials around the UK. And all this, at a time when 62% of these organisations also reported their income to be down. 

  • Charities, community groups, food banks, and schools are needed more than ever. Since the summer, they are now supporting 60% more people to access essentials every week.
  • Families are currently struggling around the UK, with pressure coming from every direction. Toiletries, cleaning and hygiene products are most needed.
  • Technology solutions, learning and office supplies, and books, toys and games are increasingly needed to support families.
  • Nearly all (97%) have seen the continued need for technology products due to the demands of homeschooling and working from home. 
  • So far this winter, between November and January In Kind Direct has worked with over 2,000 charities, and at the service’s peak over Christmas 2020, supported 218,000 people each week.

Rosanne Gray, CEO In Kind Direct said: “All our donors make a real difference giving UK families access to everyday essentials and making sure no one gets left behind. With 1 in 5 in the UK currently living in poverty**, it’s never been more needed. These products are not just important parts of everyday life; they’re vital anchors of ‘normality’ and create a sense of value and self-worth. Cleanliness, food and children’s toys are the cornerstones of the family unit, and without them we see serious damage done to confidence, self-esteem and overall mental health. We want to connect more companies with more communities to distribute more of life’s essentials to where they’re needed” 

In Kind Direct strives to always work harder, faster and quicker to get vital supplies into the network. 75% of its charitable partners are managing tighter budgets, and more than 50% are struggling to access essentials locally. Support from In Kind Direct has helped community partnersdouble their reach in times of incomparable crisis.

In Kind Direct already works with partners including: PZ Cussons, P&G, Unilever UK, Essity, Kimberly-Clark and L’Oreal who donate much-needed items. 

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