A Poor Ugandan Community Turns on the Swagger to Attract Investment by DUDE

Independent creative agency DUDE:London, have created a charity campaign with a difference: a hip hop music video.

NGO Communities for Development – who empower people and communities to build a better future for themselves – commissioned DUDE to create a campaign for Bulambuli, a rural Ugandan community in desperate need of investment. 

Competition for public donations is fierce. So, how could the Bulambuli community stand out from the crowd and get their voice heard?

Firstly, DUDE, supported by PR company, Third City, wanted to create a campaign of fun and positivity and show the community as budding entrepreneurs with the ambition, energy and drive to create their own success with just a little help. The film is based on the idea that it’s often harder for those with nothing to make money and get on in life, that money makes money – a problem in society the world over. The idea is synonymous with the charity’s purpose of providing training courses in business and finance, helping start-up ideas and general small business advice and support.

To ensure the authentic brazen swagger associated with hip hop music videos can be achieved but in a tongue-in-cheek fun way, the Bulambuli community set out to create the kind of village that would catch the eye of future investors. The video sees community members creating fake bling jewellery, flashy cars and even a helicopter out of recycled materials like straws, plastic bottles and cardboard.

To keep the project real and authentic, DUDE ensured the video was fully Ugandan produced. They invited Ugandan features director and founder of the Wakaliwood action film studio , Isaac Nabwana to work direct the film and asked Ugandan rap artists Byg Ben Sukuya, MC Yallah and Jorah MC to create and recorded the songs. Important that the song is a hit in Uganda too, the song contains a mixture of English, Luganda (majority language of Uganda) and Lugisu, the local dialect of Bulambuli.

Pilar Tejon, Trustee of Communities for Development said: “The area where we operate often struggles with droughts, floods and COVID-19 is not making it any easier for our local entrepreneurs. But we have always tried to show the positive side of things, and introduce the members of our community in a positive, cheerful way. This is the second time we have worked with DUDE, and we love the fun, ironic and positive tone of voice of the campaigns they create for us. We hope many people will donate because, as Byg Ben, the rapper from Bulambuli says in the video: Your money makes money.”

Curro Piqueras, Executive Creative Director of DUDE added: “In order to connect a rural village from Uganda with everyone who lives in big cities all around the world, we needed a global insight that felt local. Money makes money, the well known saying felt as real in the Bulambuli Valley, Uganda, as it does in the city of London.

The vast amount of talented people we worked with has been amazing, people without the means we have, but with a huge amount of ambition and creativity. Please take some time to dive into the campaign, see how your donation can change people’s lives in Bulambuli Valley and more importantly: Make it rain!”

Lauren Westmore, associate director at Third City said:

“Money Makes Money subverts many of the normal rules of a charity fundraising campaign. A clever idea combined with incredible local talent and overwhelmingly positive energy has resulted in a campaign that not only feels fresh but that will hopefully attract the investment that Bulambuli needs for the community to thrive.”

The BTS film is here and a selection of personalised messages to the great and the good of the philanthropic and business worlds such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk are to be shared on social media.


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