Adgreen Triples Measurement Of Ad Productions In Year 2 And Plans Upgrades To Carbon Calculator To Include Virtual Production And Storage

The latest data, published in AdGreen’s 2023 Annual Review, shows a significant increase in completed projects in 2023, with nearly triple the number compared to 2022. This is due to a rise in the number of companies completing these projects, which has doubled from 2022, as well as in the number of projects being completed by top users which has jumped considerably. These figures indicate a significant shift in the industry’s approach to carbon measurement, with the value of carbon data being recognised more widely.

The publication of this data comes at time of substantial development for the AdGreen carbon calculator. Large scale upgrades to the design aim to further guide users through the measurement and reduction process, and improve ease of use, while providing AdGreen with the capability to support worldwide adoption by the production community. This upcoming iteration of AdGreen’s measurement tool will feature a fully reviewed and updated carbon emissions framework, developed with the support of PWC, and in collaboration with GARM to ensure alignment with the measurement methodology of the media sector. These upgrades will include measurement of cloud storage, and virtual production where LED volumes are being used. Incorporating extensive user feedback, the updated calculator and framework will be tested by new and existing users and key stakeholders, before being released to the industry in the coming months.

The analysis of 2023’s data has reiterated the need for the advertising industry to address unsustainable travel habits when creating content, with air travel generating 60% of the carbon emissions measured in the calculator in 2023. 72.1% of emissions recorded were attributed to travel and transport, an increase of 9.7% from 2022. This data shows the need for a more considered approach when devising, scripting, and producing advertising, to reduce the need for carbon intensive journeys.

AdGreen’s Global Director, Jo Fenn, said, “Moving toward a sustainable future will require courage, concession, and collaboration. This is even more true in production, a naturally collaborative process which follows long-established practices. I hope this report serves as a roadmap, sharing inspiration from those who have taken the lead, and showcasing the support that we at AdGreen can provide the industry as we all move through this sustainable production journey.”

The 2023 Annual Review spotlights organisations leading the way in carbon measurement, by naming the creative agencies and production companies with the largest number of completed projects, as well as sharing that 57% of top 30 UK Creative Agencies, and 72% of top 30 UK Production Agencies have contributed to a completed project. This is an increase of 10% and 33% respectively from 2022.

The top creative agencies are Oliver, Havas London, Hogarth UK, Dyson, CraftWW Manchester, Makerhouse, Prodigious France, CNNIC Create, Prose on Pixels, and Saatchi & Saatchi London. The top production companies are Locate Productions, Cheerful Twentyfirst, Raw Production, Papaya Films Poland, Biscuit Filmworks, Spindle, Outsider, Big Sky Productions Ltd, Lobster Filmworks, Cult LDN, and Park Village. Oliver takes the lead with 121 completed projects in 2023, and the greatest number of employees to complete AdGreen’s sustainable production training.

Fiona Rees-White, Group Head of Integrated Production at OLIVER, said, “The level of engagement from our production team has been truly inspiring. They’ve not only embraced sustainable best practices but have become advocates, leading conversations, and expanding their creative repertoire to incorporate sustainable production approaches. This has had a halo effect, sparking enthusiasm among our colleagues and clients alike. They’ve taken the initiative to train and scale AdGreen sustainable production practices in other markets, fuelling an enthusiasm for positive change and invigorating other key initiatives, such as our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) frameworks in production. This newfound passion has not only enhanced team morale but has also contributed to improved retention and hiring sustainably minded individuals into the team.”

Alongside recommendations to curb travel emissions, AdGreen has shared the carbon impact across all production activities from the 1424 projects completed in 2023. Key findings from 2023 shared in the Annual Review include:

  • 2% of all emissions recorded by users were attributed to air travel
  • There was a 1.5 tCO2e increase in emissions in the average project size, compared to 2022, jumping to 6.2 tCO2e
  • The average project size for productions with a budget over £50,000 per shoot day rose to 13.9 tCO2e, from 12.8 tCO2e
  • 1424 projects were completed in 2023, almost triple compared to 2022
  • Project sizes ranged from 0kg to 397.4 tCO2e

AdGreen is backed by the Advertising Association, a co-founder of Ad Net Zero, and is supported by ISBA, the IPA, the APA and the AOP. These trade bodies have worked with AdGreen since 2018 to ensure the offer to the production community continues to accurately reflect the industry it is supporting.

“We should not underestimate the power of advertising as a force for positive change” shared Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive at the Advertising Association. “Embracing this opportunity isn’t just the right thing to do for the long-term health of our planet, it’s also essential for the long-term health of our industry. We have the potential to place our organisations, and our sector, at the forefront of the global response to the climate crisis, and use our creativity, innovation and reach to bring other industries along with us.”

Download the 2023 AdGreen Annual Review here:

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