Aldi swims ahead of British supermarkets in sustainable seafood

Discounter Aldi offers customers the largest proportion of sustainable seafood in the UK, ahead of big supermarkets Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, and Iceland, a new league table published today reveals.

Just under 80% of Aldi’s seafood range is certified sustainable in comparison to M&S at 19%, Morrison’s at 4% Iceland at 3%. Results also show that all other supermarkets are selling more sustainable seafood than ever before, a 60% jump over the last two years.

The annual Supermarket Sustainable Seafood League rates British supermarkets on their sustainable seafood range. It’s published by the Marine Stewardship Council – the international NGO that sets the standard for sustainable fishing around the world. The MSC blue fish label indicates that seafood has been sustainably caught and can be traced back to source.

Sustainable seafood range

Many of the retailers have made commitments to make their seafood range 100% sustainable over the next few years. After Aldi, second running is Sainsbury’s, who stocks the most certified seafood products with over 200 in store which makes up 76% of their wild seafood range. Next is Lidl with just over 100 products meaning is 72% of its range is certified sustainable. Waitrose has 67% of its range MSC certified with 118 products; Co-Op has 61% with 54 products; and Tesco’s 129 sustainable certified products covers 48% of their range.

The retailer that made the biggest changes this year was Asda, who increased their certified sustainable seafood range for its customers from 17 to 52 products, now totalling 38% of its range.

In contrast, rivals Iceland and Morrison’s are at the bottom of the league with under 5% of their seafood range MSC-certified sustainable.

Aldi swims ahead of British supermarkets in sustainable seafood


Aldi swims ahead of British supermarkets in sustainable seafood

Ocean-friendly seafood

All in all, the league table shows huge improvements in sourcing sustainable seafood across UK retailers. Alongside plastic-free initiatives, sustainable seafood sourcing is vital to protect our oceans and ensure fish for future generations.

One of Sainsbury’s and Aldi’s recent additions was MSC certified Scottish cod. Scottish fishermen have worked tirelessly to create well-managed fishing practices – all these steps have come together to revive a popular British fish that was in severe decline. And now shoppers and diners can play their part.

MSC Programme Director, Toby Middleton explains: “The majority of British supermarkets are making a real investment in the future of their seafood. If you’re buying MSC labelled fish or seafood in one of these top five supermarkets, you’re helping to make a positive difference to the world’s oceans.

“Consumers are not powerless in making sustainable choices. While most of us don’t have the time to read up on sustainable sourcing – we don’t have to. The blue fish label means the ‘science bit’ has been done for you. Our league table shows that retailers are offering their customers clear labelling and the chance to make a difference, helping to protect fish stocks for our children and our grandchildren.”


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