Animals Matter To Me & Tonic Worldwide launch #TurnOnTheWoofer Campaign

Animals Matter To Me, an Indian animal NGO committed to animal welfare has got together with Tonic Worldwide to tackle the stress and restlessness dogs go through every year during Diwali due to noise pollution, Animals Matters To Me.

Tonic state: “Though we love Diwali campaigns (great opportunities to do stellar social media campaigns) we understand that not everyone is having a blast during the festive season. For dogs, it’s no less than an apocalypse. Even the most happy-go-lucky pet could be trembling, shaking and barking more amidst the celebrations. Diwali is all about spreading happiness and our four-legged friends shouldn’t feel left out.”

They utilised a simple technology that helps dogs de-stress. The campaign, also supported by Sony Mix,  #TurnOnTheWoofer introduces specifically composed therapeutic music for dogs. The music has been composed by renowned musician Siddharth Basrur after weeks of research and trial with special low level beats and rhythm that has a soothing effect on dogs.

To test the experiment, the music was played to over 150 dogs in the rehab facility and it seemed to have a calming effect on most of them. Even some of the most hyperactive dogs became calm after listening to the music.

“Diwali is the most difficult time of the year for dogs and especially strays. I have seen them getting anxiety attacks and palpitations. They turn very restless and have no other option than to just bear the mental torture. It often takes weeks for them to come out of this trauma. So when this idea came up, I was elated to bring about some solution to help them. We played this music with over 150 dogs in our facility and it seemed to have a calming effect on most of them. Even some of the most hyperactive dogs became calm after listening to the music. We’ve started playing the music every day in our rehab center and it has showed us great results.” Said Ganesh Nayak, founder of ‘Animals Matter To Me’.

“With the insight that music has healing powers, we came about with this solution of specially composed music for our furry friends” said Unmisha Bhatt, chief strategy officer at Tonic Worldwide. “This campaign is a great example of how good intent, music, insights and technology can come together to create magic. The power of digital will be used to make this music accessible to anyone and everyone who cares about dogs and this cause,” Unmisha added.

Ashwin Dutt, creative director at Tonic Worldwide said, “The idea was to create something that not just helps dogs during Diwali but also during other occasions. I’m an animal-lover and I’ve seen dogs suffering during separation anxiety or situations such as bad weather. The music can also be used to calm down hyperactive dogs and whimpering puppies. We have also made the music freely available for everyone to download from here.”



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