Apply Responsibly Encourages Use of Online Disposal Tool for Earth-Day-Friendly Spring Cleaning of Household Pesticides

Americans cleaning out their garages this spring have a valuable tool to ensure they responsibly dispose of their old and unused pesticide products, the Apply Responsibly stewardship program announced last month in advance of Earth Day.

The Apply Responsibly website features an online tool to provide anyone in the nation with an easy way to find pesticide disposal sites near them. By typing in their zip codes, website visitors can quickly obtain in-depth information on location and hours of facilities, neighborhood collection programs, a list of other materials accepted and exact requirements for disposal.

To find the nearest disposal facility, visit and simply enter a zip code into the disposal tool.

“Our online tool is in keeping with our continued efforts to educate homeowners on the proper handling of pesticide products,” said Ann Orth, spokesperson for the program. “All unused pesticide products should be disposed of properly at an official pesticide drop-off location.”

Earth Day also marks the program’s ninth year of educating homeowners and renters about the proper use of pesticides around their homes.

“We created the Apply Responsibly public awareness campaign to instill environmentally responsible practices among gardeners and homeowners who use pesticide treatments to eliminate pests,” said Orth. “We are trying to make it easier for people to handle pesticides properly, including their disposal.”

Since 2008, Apply Responsibly has educated millions of people nationwide on the proper use of pesticides. The program’s website offers a wide range of tips, videos and resources about the safe handling, storage and disposal of pesticides.

“We’re hoping that Earth Day will serve as another reminder to everyone to be considerate of their environment overall,” said Orth. “Pesticides should never be poured down any drain, allowed to mix with water runoff, or stockpiled in a garage.”

Apply Responsibly reinforces many existing guidelines and established practices, including recommendations that consumers:

  • Only apply pesticides to the identified problem areas
  • Don’t treat entire driveways, patios, sidewalks or similar outdoor surfaces; stick to the cracks and crevices where pests thrive
  • Use, store and dispose of unused pesticides according to the instructions on the product label
  • Don’t overwater and don’t allow water runoff into gutters, in-lawn drains or storm drains when watering treated areas
  • Dispose of unused pesticides according to the instructions on the product label


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