B Lab Forces for Good Podcast — Episode 7: How can business advance racial justice?

Episode 7 of the Forces for Good podcast. Our current economic system is built on a history of injustice, inequity, violence, and oppression. But businesses do have options to build more inclusive workplaces. On the latest podcast from B Lab they speak with businesses (both large and small) that are attempting to disrupt legacies of oppression.  In this episode they aim to answer:

  • What can companies do to dismantle these conditions of violence and oppression in their business practices?

  • How can business standards drive our economy towards a system that is more equitable, inclusive, and just? 

  • What is the significance of SDG10, Reduced Inequalities, in working towards a just and anti-racist world for all workers?

Guests include: 

  • Ellonda Williams, Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, B Lab Global

  • Ana Luiza Herzog, Reputation Manager, Magazine Luiza [Magalu] 

  • Laura Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Clothing The Gaps

  • Sarah Sheridan, Deputy CEO & Co-Founder, Clothing the Gaps

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