Brands unite to show solidarity with Ukraine

Brand Solidarity has been formed to bring brands together to express a chorus of support for all the people of Ukraine.

Rarely in history has there been such a brutal attack on an innocent country, and a virtually universal outcry against it. Brands have the power to be a hugely positive force, and many want to demonstrate their solidarity with the Ukrainian people at such a heart-rending and challenging time.

Whilst various participating brands may well be doing more, all Brand Solidarity asks of the brands is to display the Brand Solidarity logo (or just the Ukranian flag) on all or any promotional material (whether it be website, advertising, packaging, etc).

The logo can be used by any brand that wishes to display support for Ukraine, help buoy its citizens and contribute to the push for peace. Simply email for the logo.

Brand Solidarity has been formed by Marcel Knobil founder of Superbrands (the world’s independent brand authority) and branding agency Creative & Commercial.

Patrons already include: Anthea Turner (TV Presenter); Brent Hoberman (Chair, Founders Forum); David Haigh (Chairman and CEO, Brand Finance plc); Jeremy King (Restaurateur); Sir John Hegarty (Founder and Creative Director, The Garage Soho); Nick Keller (Founder and CEO, Beyond Sport); Simon Woodroffe (Founder, YO! Company); Sophie Devonshire (Author and CEO, The Marketing Society) and Trevor Beattie (Film-Maker).

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