Brussels Mobility and mortierbrigade launch ‘Feet©’

In a video that uses all the recognisable stylistic codes of a product launch, mortierbrigade and Brussels Mobility are launching ‘Feet©’, an innovative mobility solution designed for travelling short distances in the city.

In recent years, feet have been abandoned in favour of other mobility solutions. And yet, for short distances walking is the most efficient form of transport, especially when 60% of journeys in Brussels are under 5km. This is the message that Brussels Mobility wants to get across, putting pedestrians at the heart of its mobility policy.

Elke Van den Brandt, Brussels Minister for Mobility: “We are all pedestrians! With 37% of journeys inside Brussels performed on foot, walking is the best way to get around. Walking is good for our health, for sociability in the city and for the environment. That’s why pedestrians are at the heart of the vision of Good Move, our Regional Mobility Plan.”

As you can see in the launch video, this technology of the past created for the future has a lot going for it! ‘Feet©’ are free, produced locally, 100% natural, available 24/7 and can be recharged anywhere.

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