Brussels Mobility and mortierbrigade makes cycling in the rain fun

Yes, it rains in Brussels just like everywhere else in Belgium. And it rains VERY often. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why people don’t use their bikes.

This has inspired Brussels Mobilty and Bike for Brussels to devise a poster campaign that we can call original at the very least. That’s because every campaign poster is actually a poncho. When it rains, cyclists can simply grab a poster and use it as a poncho. The campaign was designed by agency mortierbrigade.

Developing the poncho was entrusted to two designers from Brussels, Camille Taillefer and Marie-Celine Debande. It took a few weeks for them to come up with this unique style. The garment had to meet two important requirements. It had to be easy to wear while cycling, while also being able to take on the form of a poster. This young, talented duo were brilliant in meeting the challenge.

The promotion was launched on social media on the evening before a rainy day.


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