Campaign Collective launches The Rooftop news site

The social enterprise Campaign Collective have launched a new website called ‘The Rooftop’ on the 14 September.

The website and social channels will help charities and campaigners connect with the general public and get their positive stories heard in what is often a negative mainstream media climate.

Funded by social enterprise Campaign Collective, the site will feature an upbeat story everday about the positive change that charities, social enterprises, universities, trade unions and the public sector are making to the world.

Simon Francis, Founder Member of Campaign Collective, said:

“One of the biggest challenges that we as campaigners face in trying to create a better society is getting our voices heard.

“Let’s face it, existing media outlets are either reluctant to cover this kind of news or just don’t have the space. This means positive stories don’t get noticed and the public don’t hear about the amazing work of campaigners.

“The Rooftop is here to change that. Unashamedly upbeat, this new and innovate media outlet will celebrate the best of campaigners’ achievements and promote them directly to the public online and via our Facebook page and group.”

The Rooftop soft-launched at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh on 14 September and will spend the next month building up an initial audience before a formal launch later in 2018.

Campaigners and PRs can submit their ‘news worth shouting about’ (all of which must have an accompanying quality picture) to or

The Rooftop’s branding was developed by Open Agency and the website by Karen Stewart. Nikki Anderson, Client Services Director at Open, commented:

“We were so delighted to be asked to develop the brand for this pioneering initiative.  So many of our charity clients are doing such incredible work, but sometimes in a very cynical world, this gets lost. Now’s the time to change that.”

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