CAP – New self-help tool for influencers

The ASA/CAP have released a post called: New self-help tool for influencers. I have enclosed the text of the link below, but please have a look at the ASA/CAP site as there are lots of things of interest to anyone with an interest in Ethical Marketing.

To help influencers quickly work out whether a post needs to make clear that it’s an ad, we have created a self-help tool intended to cover the main types of scenarios one might face in deciding whether to label content as advertising, as well as links through to guidance on how to make that clear.

Influencer marketing has evolved rapidly alongside the rise of social media and mobile technology into a popular advertising tool. Brands engage with people who are popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and others, to help promote their goods and services.

Consumers must always be aware when they are being advertised to, and both brands and influencers have a responsibility to ensure the content makes that reality clear upfront. Failure to disclose a commercial relationship leaves both parties at risk of action from the ASA. 

If you are an influencer, or a brand/agency working with one, and have a question around whether a piece of social media content is advertising that needs be disclosed as such, check out our self-help tool here

Please also complete the short survey at the end so we can continue to improve and develop the tool.

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