Cargill Wins Two 2024 BIG Innovation Awards

Cargill has been recognized for its innovation and R&D leadership with two 2024 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Awards . The company’s efforts to harness the power of what’s possible to deliver lifechanging solutions that positively impact the world today and for generations to come were awarded in two categories:

  • Agriculture Organization: Awarded to Cargill for developing a culture, products and people who are consistently delivering innovative solutions for their community and customers.
  • Product: Awarded to Cargill and BAR Tech’s WindWings, launched in 2023, whose innovative and sustainable approach has caused market and customer disruption.

“By partnering with customers across the industry, we can create a better world. It’s that vision that drives our innovation culture at Cargill,” said Florian Schattenmann, Cargill’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research & Development and Innovation. “Our 160,000 employees are delivering solutions to the food and agriculture industry’s biggest challenges. From nutrition and food insecurity to sustainability and the bioeconomy, it’s time to reinvent, redefine and reimagine what’s possible, together.”

Knowing there is an urgent need to produce more food to nourish the world’s growing population, Cargill is developing solutions to help customers grow and transport food with a lower carbon footprint.

“What matters most is making sure the world has the food it needs. It’s imperative we produce more food, more sustainably,” said Roger Watchorn, Cargill’s Senior Vice President, Agricultural Supply Chain and Corporate Trading. “By working together with farmers, Cargill’s innovations are fostering a decarbonized future for food and ag.”

This marks the second year Cargill received the BIG Innovation Award recognition, reinforcing the company’s ongoing commitment to transforming the future of the food and agriculture industry. Cargill’s two 2024 BIG Innovation awards included recognition for several sustainable solutions including:

  •  Cargill and BAR Technologies’ ground-breaking innovation, WindWings by Yara Marine which set sail on open waters in August 2023. The vessel tested new technology that brings cutting edge wind propulsion to commercial shipping for the first time. WindWings is expected to generate average fuel savings of up to 30 percent on new-build vessels.
  • Regenerative agriculture programs like Cargill RegenConnect®, that train and reward farmers for adopting sustainable, regenerative farming practices.
  • Open-sourced satellite monitoring partnerships with AI-powered Satelligence, to track and detect signs of deforestation in real time.

“Innovation is driving our society,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring Cargill as they are leading by example and improving the lives of so many.”

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