Chapel & York is offering emergency assistance to connect charities with their donors to access urgentlyneeded funds

The financial uncertainty and widespread fear brought on by the COVID-19 crisis is dramatically impacting charities around the world. Without immediate access to the vital funds they rely upon from international donors, their work—and even their organisation itself—is at risk.

Chapel & York are launching an ‘Emergency Affiliate Membership’ to accelerate the process through which charitable organisations can receive urgent funding. Offered through our foundations in the UK, US, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong, charities can apply for an emergency membership, free of any membership or evaluation fees, allowing them to offer their international donors an immediate and effective method for giving. We will also expedite all applications, evaluations, and grants, so that all our foundation members can access their international funds as quickly as possible.

Donors wanting to support an organisation internationally during this troubling time will likewise know with confidence that their donations will be received as quickly and effectively as possible.

Memberships expire 30th June, 2020. Foundations, as charities themselves, retain 2% of all donations.

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