Chevrolet transforms a truck into a blood donation center

In view of the reduction in stocks in blood banks as a result of the pandemic, Chevrolet, in partnership with Albert Einstein Hospital and Eldorado Shopping Mall launched the initiative “Drive Thru Blood Donation”, which will be held in a truck transformed into a complete blood donation center to offer safety and convenience to blood donors.

Prepared by Chevrolet with five blood donation booths, mobile tents for donor interviews, a screening office and shelving for material storage, the truck was positioned in the parking lot of Eldorado Shopping Mall, on the west side of São Paulo, for four weeks until August 14th. The medical equipment will be provided by Einstein Hospital and the entire blood donation process will be carried out by their professionals. The initiative was created by Commonwealth//McCann Brazil, division of WMcCann responsible for the account service.

“We set up a fully equipped and safe blood center in an easily accessible place, both to wait and perform the procedure and to recover,” says Hermann Mahnke, Executive Director of Marketing GM South America. “We have the expertise of one of the largest hospitals in the country, and we transformed our Chevrolet truck into a blood donation center. Thus, we can contribute to the drop in blood banks caused by the pandemic”, he adds.

“Chevrolet has been making itself available to society in the important moments that we are going through, whether asking people to leave their Chevrolet in the garage at the beginning of the quarantine, or, more recently, motivating the public with the “It will pass” campaign. For this reason, it was a natural step for the brand to look around and understand how to offer a service as important as maintaining blood bank levels, based on a mobility solution”, highlights Hugo Rodrigues, chairman and CEO of WMcCann.

“Despite the pandemic, other health needs have not ceased to exist. At a time like this, offering a safe, practical and easily accessible option for blood donation is to educate people on the subject and engage them in life-saving practice”, says Sidney Klajner, president of Albert Einstein Hospital.

“Eldorado Shopping Mall understands that it is extremely important to host the Blood Donation Drive-Thru as it encourages citizenship among our customers, in addition to reaffirming our commitment to fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Donating blood is one of the ways to collaborate for a more humane society, in addition to reaffirming our commitment to promoting life”, points out the Marketing Manager, Lilian Piva.

Donations will be scheduled by calling 11 99734-3296 and made on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am and 2pm. The donated blood bags will be used 
in blood banks that are down due to the pandemic. 


Blood Donation Drive Thru

From July 18 to August 14 in the parking lot of Shopping Eldorado (Avenida Rebouças, 3970).

Appointments by the number: 11 99734-3296. Donations between 9am and 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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