and Jason Genao, Star of Netflix’s On My Block, Join Forces To Promote Safe Driving for Teens

Question: If a ______ is too tight, that’s a problem. If it’s too loose…that’s a bigger problem. What is it?

Answer: A seat belt. (Duh! What did you think we were talking about??)

Seat belts save up to 15,000 lives every year., one of the largest organizations for young people and social change, and Chevrolet, one of the largest automobile manufacturers, believe that reaching young people with this message is critical, and are partnering for a second time on “Ride & Seek,” a national campaign to promote seat belt safety among teens.

Here’s how it works: Thousands of young people will print and post fun and cheeky fill-in-the-blank posters in their communities with questions like the one above. When their friends text in the SMS keyword on the poster, they’ll receive the answer, along with tips to keep others buckled up and safe on the road.

Jason Genao, who stars as Ruby on Netflix’s hit show, On My Block, has also joined the campaign, and his new public service announcement encourages young people across the country to buckle up to help create the safest generation on the road. “Being a good friend is about having your friends’ backs no matter what. That includes as a driver, a passenge r, wherever,” Jason says. “The ‘Ride & Seek’ campaign with and Chevrolet is the perfect way for my generation to have our friends’ backs on the road.”

“Warnings from ads and scare tactics from parents generally aren’t effective at keeping young drivers safer. Know what is? Peer-to-peer intervention,” says Carrie Bloxson, Chief Marketing Officer on “We’re thrilled to partner with Chevrolet for a second time on ‘Ride & Seek,’ which will activate thousands of young people to keep their friends safe on the road while having a little fun too!”

“It is no secret that wearing seat belts save lives, and we all need to remember to buckle up: every person, in every seating position, every time we are in the vehicle. We are pleased to partner with, which has proven to be a strong voice in spreading this message about the importance of seat belt use and overall safe driving,” said Tricia Morrow, Chevrolet safety engineer.

Young people can sign up for the Ride & Seek campaign at or by texting SEEK to 38383, where they can download and print out the fill-in-the-blank flyers to help keep curious friends and peers safe in a vehicle. Those who participate in the campaign will be entered for the chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.

For more information about Ride & Seek, visit              

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