Christmas Campaigns Giving Back

We’re in December now and the Christmas campaigns are on us, it’s nice to see many of the bigger campaigns involve a charity element. In the UK John Lewis’ Moz  the Monster is raising money for Barnardo’s. Marks and Spencer’s Paddington Campaign features a book written by marketing company Grey London which is raising money for the NSPCC.

In the US there are also many charitable campaigns based around the holidays which hope to harness the season of goodwill, with many sportspeople getting involved in campaigns.

It’s also important to remember issues of mental health around this time of the year as well though as many people find Christmas a difficult time. It is good to see NABS, the employee support organisation for the advertising and media industry, has launched a new model designed to revolutionise the way wellbeing is approached by the industry.

It’s the season of goodwill and as such sees the launch of a lot of campaigns which will run over the festive season. I look forward to seeing what campaigns there are over the festive period.



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