CJRC & Grey New York Switch off your phone to highlight gun control

Did you know there is a current smartphone operating system bug that can turn off your phone for 10 seconds?  By tapping into this glitch, the Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC) has created a tool to cause a mandatory moment of pause for the gun violence epidemic that anyone can use, send and share to be heard on this issue. 

In a time when the US has become desensitized to gun violence news, this effective gun control PSA is starting as a tweet and one that can not be opted out. This is real click bait that “kills” your phone for gun violence awareness.  Note: clicking the link will shut down your phone without causing any harm.

The CJRC is a national advocacy coalition that promotes and invests in evidence-based policies and programs to prevent gun violence and uplift criminal justice reforms in urban communities of color. They hope to create a movement – for all to share and retweet and bring attention back to the real issue at hand.

This pro-bono project is a volunteer effort of Grey New York.

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